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Basketball is a game that is creating the biggest celebrities. Unlike the other sports, the players are not only celebrities in the field but even outside the field. The players have become household names, whose lives are followed by many people. There are several reality shows featuring the players, their families, their rise to fame and other factors. In fact, currently basket ball players are competing with actresses and actors on the same platform. More and more media attention is being given to these celebrities; so much so that many feel that other sports have taken a back seat to basketball. 

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There are several forms of media including TV channels that are dedicated to everything basketball. Whatever news you are looking for, it is probably featured here first. From live games, to statistics of various teams, transfers, buy offs and trades in the season; these channels are only dedicated to basket ball and only basket ball.


Another type of sport that you really have to know is the basketball. This is also popular and it is well known in the whole world. In fact, most of the people love this kind of sport since it is interesting when it comes to the rules it has and also the way it is normally played. Just to know the definition of this game. It is a type of a sport that is normally, played by the two set teams of five players each on a court which is rectangular in shape. The main objective of this type of sport is to shoot the ball to pass through a hoop that is 18 inches or in other words 46 centimeters in diameter and 3 meters or in other words 10 feet high and it is mounted at each end with a backboard. It is rated as the most popular game and widely played in the world.

Any team is in a position to score depending on their efforts by passing the ball through a certain basket during their play. The history of this game is also a bit long. Most of the sports normally develop out of games that are usually started by people informally.

Basing on the history of this type of sport, it shows that it has got the distinction of becoming a sought of a game which is intentionally invented game.

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